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Anita Chari and Angelica Singh

Anita Chari is Associate Prof. of Political Science at the University of Oregon and has won multiple teaching awards for her innovative work to bring embodied, trauma-informed, social justice paradigms into higher education. Angelica Singh is a somatic educator, trauma therapist, and thought leader with over 20 years of experience facilitating individuals, groups, and institutions in embodiment, trauma resolution, and mindfulness work.

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About this course

Trauma-Informed Practices for Your Life and Classroom: 

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This course was created by Anita Chari, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Angelica Singh, seasoned somatic educator, trauma therapist, and creator of The Embodiment Process™ to respond to the immense pressures that educators face in the time of the pandemic. If you're feeling burned out and anxious from online teaching, political upheaval, and the recapitulation of your racialized and intersectional trauma, this course will support you to access a grounded, empowered state in the midst of overwhelming circumstances and to participate in a new educational paradigm when it is most needed.


This course is divided into three online modules. As a general guideline, we suggest you take 6 consecutive weeks to complete the course, spending about 2 weeks on each module. That being said, we've created this course as a fluid container for you to move at your own rhythm. We encourage you to find a rhythm that feels comfortable to you as you move through the course and that suits your schedule and life circumstances. There are no live or synchronous elements to the course, freeing you up to complete the work at your own pace.

Each module includes:

  • Video and Audio presentations that teach you the fundamentals of nervous system regulation, how to regulate your own nervous system, as well as how to create an environment that is regulating for your students.
  • Recorded Guided Practices & Processes designed for calming the mind and nervous system, and for teaching you the foundational skills experientially.
  • Worksheets that support you to  implement the skills and practices from the course in your classroom.
  • Scripts that you can bring into your classroom to lead embodied and trauma-informed practices in your classroom easily and effectively.
  • A Trauma-informed Toolkit that breaks down each of the 5 Foundational Skills of Trauma-informed Teaching into its components so you understand the function of each skill, the practices that go along with it, and the context in which you should use it.
  • Inquiry practices that support you to deepen your intimacy with your own strengths and challenges, and to use your teaching as a way of amplifying your strengths and meeting you in your challenges.

The skills in this course will support you to:

  • Develop effective tools and skills for connecting with their students and learning process in this new paradigm of online learning that we face during the pandemic.
  • Understand how the current political protests and the pandemic may be influencing their students’ ability to focus, why online learning technology can amplify challenges to student attention, and what can be done to respond effectively.
  • Learn how trauma impacts learning and how it poses even more of a challenge in online classes; develop tools for addressing trauma and nervous system dysregulation.
  • Cultivate a learning environment in which students feel seen and heard in their learning process and develop skills for effectively engaging them when in-person classes are not possible.
  • Gain new skills for effective group teaching in an online platform so that professors can utilize group energy to create synergistic learning environments online.
  • Develop nervous system regulation tools so that instead of feeling burned out from online teaching, you feel effective, connected, and energized.


Includes IMMEDIATE LIFETIME ACCESS to our 6-week online course

Downloadable worksheets, videos, and materials for learning the practices and integrating them into your classroom.

The Trauma-informed Toolkit

Implementation Worksheets

Scripts of Trauma-informed Practices that will allow you lead practices on your own with confidence and effectiveness

Audio practices that you can use on your own and in your classroom to create a secure learning environment during times of stress.

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